Pink Slip Project


The Pink Slip Project

A Solution To Overhaul The Dysfunctional Family Court System In Florida.

“The greatest scourge an angry Heaven ever inflicted upon an ungrateful and a sinning people, was an ignorant, a corrupt, or a dependent Judiciary.” —Chief Justice John Marshall.

The Pink Slip refers to the American practice, by a personnel department, of including a discharge notice in an employee’s pay envelope to notify the worker of his or her termination of employment or layoff.  No one, who has heard that just in the last 6 years more than 490 children have died under the care of the Florida Family court system, could argue that this system has failed our children.  Most people, however, erroneously mainly blame the Department of Children and Families (DCF) for their deaths, but miss the real culprits of this catastrophe, incompetent judges. Yes, you heard it. Most, if not all of these cases went before a judge who was ultimately responsible for what happened in his/her court. In most instances, these judges ignored the evidence presented or accepted as truth clearly false evidence by “professionals” such as in the well-published case of Nubia Barahona, where the opinion of an incompetent psychologist was enthralled by the judge who ultimately failed to protect Nubia.

Just like any government of elected officials, judges work for the people to equally and impartially dispense justice for all. When some judges, however, fail to do their jobs as is clear to anyone familiar with our dysfunctional Family Court system, we have an obligation to legaly remove them from office. Fortunately, here in Florida, our Constitution has provided a remedy for the people to just do this. We the People, have the power to fire them, and that is exactly what this project intends to accomplish.

Florida can be a catalyst of positive change in our judicial system by exercising a clause in ARTICLE V, Section 10, 3(b) of the Florida Constitution: “…a circuit may initiate the local option for merit selection and retention or the election of circuit judges, whichever is applicable, by filing with the custodian of state records a petition signed by the number of electors equal to at least ten percent of the votes cast in the circuit in the last preceding election in which presidential electors were chosen.” For instance, to cause a sweeping reform of the 11th circuit court of Miami-Dade County, the biggest in Florida, and were most of these deaths occurred, it would only take 88,803 signatures, or 10% of the votes cast at last presidential elections.

Here are the steps to successfully hand all incompetent judges in the Family Court system of Florida a Pink Slip:

  1. Identify the incompetent judge (s) by name, or you can find some of these judges here:
  2. Prepare a petition form such as this:, and download and print an explanation page of the project here:
  3. Get your family and others who have been negatively affected by the incompetence of these judges to help you get the 10% of signatures needed in your district. These coming elections, for instance, would be a great opportunity to get many signatures.
  4. Tell your testimony to others and how this has negatively affected the children involved. We must emphasize that the ones suffering the most are our children, and that it is our obligation as adults to protect them, and that is exactly what you are doing there requesting someone’s signature. It’s all about our children. They should not have to pay for the incompetence of these judges. Remember that judges are non-partisan, so you should be able to get support both sides of the isle.
  5. Once 10% is reached, file all the signed petitions with the custodian of state records. Be ready with additional signatures since some of the signatures may be contested or questioned, so let us not give them an excuse. Note: This will get the incompetent judge(s) to the ballot where the people will have the opportunity to vote them out, so you will need to keep the pressure on until he/she is gone.
  6. Probably in parallel with the petitions or soon thereafter, put adds in news papers with job listings searching for judges who meet circuit court qualifications and who are willing to serve in these vacancies, and support the best candidates to appear on the ballot once incompetent judges have been fired. If not, the existing Governor at that time may be able to prospectively fill vacancies if a judge is not retained.

Circuit Court Qualifications:
1. Elector and resident of the circuit upon taking office.
2. Must be a member of the Florida Bar for the preceding five years.
3. No judge shall serve after attaining the age of seventy years except upon temporary assignment or to complete a term, one-half of which has been served.

Important links:

1.  See Senate Joint Resolution 1188 to prospectively fill vacancies if a judge is not retained:

2.  Q&A about Florida judges and judicial elections:

3.  MIAMI-DADE COUNTY JUDICIAL DIRECTORY WITH THE YEAR A JUDGE COULD BE UP FOR REELECTION (if  and only if, anyone files to run against them. Close to 80% of the time, this does not happen, and they are automatically “re-elected”. This is what the Pink Slip Project is trying to prevent):


5.  A guide to Florida voters:$FILE/VoterInfoBrochure%202014.pdf?OpenElement


7.  490 children counted as dead under the Family Court system:

8.  Many more children, like Nubia Barahona, have not even accounted among the 490:

9.  The Nubia Barahona report:

  2 Responses to “Pink Slip Project”

  1. Fix Family Courts Divorce and Family Law Reform Endorses Pink Slip Project:

    FLORIDA RESIDENTS: You have ballot initiative options in your State to amend your State Constitution. You can put an initiative for equal shared parenting, alimony and child support to support your constitutional reform issues on your ballot. See Tina Granstrom and Mario for research they are doing on this.

    Mario A Jimenez Jerez might have found a way for you to remove some of your bad judges. Contact Mario A Jimenez Jerez for more information on the merit selection and retention where he is attempting to use the Florida Constitution to give the people a choice as to whether or not they want a judge to remain a judge. If the judge gets more NO votes than yes, then the spot is vacated. Mario is using Florida Constitution Article V Section 10 3(b) where it says that you can decide whether or not that judge will be retained. He wants to start collecting signatures now to try and get it on the 2016 ballot.

    Here is the section he is using: “(a) Any justice or judge may qualify for retention by a vote of the electors in the general election next preceding the expiration of the justice’s or judge’s term in the manner prescribed by law. If a justice or judge is ineligible or fails to qualify for retention, a vacancy shall exist in that office upon the expiration of the term being served by the justice or judge. When a justice or judge so qualifies, the ballot shall read substantially as follows: “Shall Justice (or Judge) (name of justice or judge) of the (name of the court) be retained in office?” If a majority of the qualified electors voting within the territorial jurisdiction of the court vote to retain, the justice or judge shall be retained for a term of six years. His project is called “the pink slip” project and you can go there with this link:

    Remember that placing an initiative to amend your constitution to protect your family rights equally is going to be crucial. Don’t just remove a judge and leave the bad laws in place. Then you just place another judge into the same bad system. Do all of it concurrently, amend your constitution, reform your family laws, and remove your bad judges. I look forward to Floridians having success in restoring the power to the people!

    Comment from my friend Sherry Palmer from (whom co-author a great book to help us fight for our children, “Not in the Child’s best Interest”, she and her husband are even having a limited offer for the book here:

    “FLORIDA Residents: This morning i received a message regarding the retention rules in Florida’s constitution for judges. I read through these and I don’t believe that this can be used to remove a family court judge. I believe that this is a process for retaining a judge, not removing one. From what I find this is used to change the way that your Supreme and appellate court judges are placed into their position. You can either use the retention merit system or election. The petition process under this rule is not to remove a judge but to change the process for which a judge is made a judge. i.e. elected or retention merit process. Sorry but I don’t believe that this will remove your family court judges directly. The process for removing a judge before their term is up is through rule #6 below.

    “6. Can judges who commit unethical acts be removed from office?
    Yes. This can result after an investigation by the Judicial Qualifications Commission, which is an independent agency created by the Florida Constitution solely to investigate alleged misconduct by Florida state judges. Through this system, judges have been removed from office for ethical violations. For more information, visit the Judicial Qualifications Commission website. External Link Impeachment by the Legislature is an additional form of judicial removal for misdemeanor in office, also provided by our state constitution.”

    Go here for more information on the merit retention process:!OpenDocument#13.%20How%20did%20Florida%20decide%20to%20use”

    My Reply here:
    Agreed, exactly; these bad judges almost never appear on the ballot because conveniently enough no one runs against them so they are automatically reelected for another 6 years. That’s how they are able to abuse their power without fear of retaliation from the people. For instance, the 3 judges in my case, have not had to run against another candidate except perhaps when they first challenged an incumbent judge, and that incumbent judge, was likely not playing by the rules of power players in the circuit in the first place. These judges simply feel safe abusing their power because they never have to appear in the ballots. This project will send chills up their bones. Now, even if no other lawyer is willing to run against them on the ballot when they come up for retention for it might be career suicide for them, the judge would have to appear in the ballot for retention anyway, giving an opportunity for the people to kick them our, something that has never been done before at the circuit level; please, let me be clear here, this has never happened at the circuit level, but only with supreme court and appellate court judges. This does not mean, however, that this is not allowed by ARTICLE V, Section 10, 3(b) of the Florida Constitution:

    Granted that the idea is completely outside the box, but that’s exactly what makes it so powerful. Most people only look at a problem at a certain way when the solution to the problem could be right in front of their faces like in this case ARTICLE V, Section 10, 3(b) of the Florida Constitution. It is not going to be easy either, but it will accomplish its goal if done the right way, and perhaps as importantly, it will help create publicity for our children’s cause, who are ultimately the one suffering the most by these judges’ incompetence. That’s why the focus of this project has to be the children, and not the suffering of any one parent, or associated family members. This way we will get more people involved. No one can deny, for instance, the death of these 490 children at the hand of our dysfunctional family court system. There might be an argument as to whom if fully responsible for it. In my opinion, the one with the most responsibility for the deaths of these children, other than the actual perpetuator, would be the judge, and we must make them accountable for it!

    Retention in this context forces judges to appear on the ballot, so we get to decide to retain him/her or not. That’s the whole point of this article in the Florida Constitution. That’s how they get away, by not having to worry about appearing on the ballots in the 1st place. With 10% of signatures already against a judge, he might as well be out, if the people in that district keep on the pressure come time for the judge to appear for retention. Some of them might even elect early retirement before having to face the shameful act of having to be forced for a retention vote. That’s the whole point of Article V, to give us the people an opportunity to express our discontent against a judge or judges independent of any other government body or institution.

  2. I am seriously concerned when a judge rules to let the grandparents keep the child of two loving parents who have been doing everything the system required and still do not get their own child back.