2nd Health Department Complaint Against Vanessa Leigh Archer


October 10, 2015

Mrs. Susan E. Chase
Investigation Specialist II
Florida Department of Health
Division of Medical Quality Assurance. Bureau of Enforcement
4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin C-75
Tallahassee, Fl 32399-3275
Reference Number: 201524059
Subject: Vanessa Leigh Archer
Dear Mrs. Chase,

I am in receipt of your letter dated September 22, 2015. As per your request, the name of my minor children are M.S.J., and K.N.J. I am also attaching with this letter signed patient releases for each. Finally, here is a detailed explanation of Mrs. Archer’s misconduct and unprofessional behavior. Please see Exhibits provided in copy of federal lawsuit filed against Mrs. Archer, et. al., and those provided in this letter.

  1. On July 20th, 2012 Emergency Order to suspend Petitioner’s time sharing was granted.
  2. The order was obtained on allegations that Petitioner scared minor children when praying with them, among many other false accusations launched against Petitioner and almost entire family, new partner, mother, father, brother, etc. Please see Child Protective Team (CPT) report dated 6/12/12 (Exhibit A), six days after Mother had called police in the middle of the night to make these false allegations. Please see denied motion for Domestic Violence filed by Mother where she alleges that Petitioner had told children that “the devil is going to kill everyone” (Exhibit B). Police report PD120606213969.
  3. The order was obtained in clear violation of Petitioner’s constitutionally protected and unalienable rights of religion and speech using the CPT report, which had been illegally provided to Mother’s attorneys before DCF had completed its investigation or had even closed the case.
  4. DCF actually closed the case the same day of the purported “emergency hearing,” and only after Petitioner had notified DCF that children had been removed from his custody based on a CPT report DCF authorities were not even aware how Mother’s attorneys had obtained.
  5. DCF had not close case because it had ordered a psychological report by Dr. Michael J. DiTomasso, and was awaiting funds to complete it.
  6. Due to Mother’s illegal actions, DCF closed case, and moved Dr. DiTomasso’s evaluation for a later time.
  7. Dr. DiTomasso found that Petitioner “[did] not appear to be suffering from major psychiatric disease” that might prevent him from enjoying shared custody with his minor children (Exhibit C).
  8. Additionally, DCF found no reason to pursue a case against Petitioner based on the unfounded accusations, and especially in light of four other false accusations against petitioner, all found to be unfounded. DCF case numbers: 2011-078791-01, 2011-1907766-01, 2012-130103, 2012-13013-12, 2012-223661-01.
  9. Despite attempting to present Dr. DiTomasso’s report that cleared Petitioner of any wrongdoing, Judge Pedro Echarte, presiding over case at the time, refused to accept evidence alleging that DCF’s psychological evaluation had been performed one day before he had given the order to do so, and instead forced Petitioner to undergo a new psychological evaluation with Mrs. Vanessa Archer, psychologist who was recommended by opposite counsel’s attorneys, and which Petitioner’s attorney had requested to change due to the inherent conflict of interest.
  10. Mrs. Archer’s evaluation, as in the notorious case that led to Nubias Barahona’s death and her three siblings’ torture and abuse, was based on unprofessional, biased and incompetent practices such as ex parte communication with a Judge where she recommended that all “telephone calls be immediately suspended” with minor children (Exhibit D), and on false, misleading information and deliberate omissions which led to Petitioner’s removal of shared equal custody (now for over three years), and later physical, psychological and academic demise of minor children, and most noticeably of minor son.
  11. For instance, Mrs. Archer failed to notice in her report that while in Petitioner’s shared equal custody, his minor children thrived not only physically but emotionally (please see son’s student of the month certificate, and grades, Exhibit E), were excelling in school, and were attending therapies on a weekly basis under the care of license psychologist Alicia Vidal-Zas without showing any signs of physical or psychological abuse (Exhibit F) as had been falsely alleged by Mother who had actually absconded with minor children to another country for two years just a year prior to these events (please see letters with American Embassy and e-mail with State Department to this regard, Exhibit G).
  12. However, almost a year after suspension of Petitioner’s time sharing and continuing to this day, Petitioner’s minor children psychological and school performances have greatly deteriorated.
  13. As a consequence of Mrs. Archer’s unprofessionalism, and unethical practices, almost a year after forced separation from Petitioner, Petitioner’s minor son was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), r/o Major Depression, and r/o ADHD, and his grades and conduct significantly declined prompting serious concerns from at least four of his teachers (please see psychiatric report of minor son, Exhibit H, and e-mails from son’s teachers, Exhibit I).
  14. Please notice how in minor’s son psychiatric report, Mother attempted to blame Petitioner for son’s deteriorating behavior and grades, and Mrs. Archer ignored this and a great deal of other evidence in her reports: “in the last few months since the Petitioner has been having supervised communication with his children 1-2 hours a week, pt has escalated [negative] behavior.”
  15. Mrs. Archer also conveniently ignored supervised reports of Petitioner with minor children that contradicted Mother’s accusations and failed to mentioned them in her reports (please see supervisor’s notes dated Sunday, 12/2/2012 to Sunday 5/5/13 attached, Exhibit J).
  16. Not only did Mrs. Archer ignore the kid’s excellent grades while with Petitioner, and Dr. Vidal-Zas’ year-long weekly therapies with children that contradicted accusations, but she also ignored evidence that pointed that minor children were being coached and manipulated to turn them against Petitioner and his family while in sole custody of Mother.
  17. For instance, minor children were coached to lie against Petitioner and his family prompting a 5th false investigation to DCF, where Petitioner and family were falsely accused of physically abusing one year-old half sister, Donatella.
  18. Police detective came to Petitioner’s home and reported as to the false accusations noting: “DONATELLA appeared well cared for and was free of marks or bruises, including no burn mark of her left leg as it was alleged on the DCF report.” Please, see attached police report PD1210016394690 (Exhibit K).
  19. Secondary to this false accusation, Petitioner’s new partner, Donatella’s mother, had a panic attack, leading to early contractions, and miscarriage of the eight-week baby she was carrying at that time. This was also reported to Mrs. Archer, but was totally ignored in her subsequent report, and further showed Mrs. Archer’s bias, unethical and unprofessional behavior.
  20. Subsequently, minor son also developed involuntary twitching of his neck and shoulders as a negative side effect of the medications he had been forced to take as consequence of Mrs. Archer’s unethical and unprofessional practices, which led to minor son and daughter being removed from a stable and caring environment which they enjoyed while in shared equal custody with Petitioner.
  21. Petitioner filed an initial complaint with this department and received response that before being able to proceed with the investigation, Petitioner would need to request “the judge who presided over the child custody proceeding to appoint another psychologist.”
  22. Despite Petitioner’s strong objection, knowing that Petitioner had reported Mrs. Archer to Health Department, and that Petitioner believed that Mrs. Archer would not be impartial in a new re-evaluation, on October 18, 2013, the Judge ordered a re-evaluation with Mrs. Archer.
  23. In 1st psychological evaluation, Exhibit L, Mrs. Archer’s biased and unprofessional practices showed very clearly.
  24. For instance, although she notes in page 21 of her report that Mother has “lost at least ten pounds…gets diarrhea when under an undue amount of stress…sleep continues to be difficult…while the psychiatrist has tried to give her different medications to help her sleep and eat, the medication has caused her some unpleasant side effects,” Mrs. Archer failed to mention any of these very significant findings in her conclusions, noting just in passing that “No concerns are raised with respect of Mrs. Wizel’s parenting abilities.”
  25. Despite the fact that Petitioner had advised Mrs. Archer that Mother had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder with possible psychotic symptoms, Mrs. Archer completely ignored these symptoms in her conclusions even when evidence of these symptoms was scattered all over her report, and was presented by petitioner.
  26. Manic symptoms mentioned in Mrs. Archer’s report or provided to her, but missing in her conclusions included: grandiosity-Mother wanting to become a super model, Exhibit M; diminished need for sleep– “sleep continues to be difficult”; excessive/pressured speech– “tendency to be overly verbose in her responses,” racing thoughts, and distractibility-“attempts to re-direct her to respond in a more concise manner were not generally effective, and as such, three appointments were necessary before the interview could be completed”;  increased sexual risk taking-having an extramarital affair leading to having “a third child whose father is Mr. Marcelo Villareal”).
  27. Mother’s mood-congruent psychotic symptoms included clear delusions, or hallucination that prompted Mother to call police in the middle of the night claiming that Petitioner had told children that “the devil is going to kill everyone,” and which was the main reason Petitioner lost shared custody of children (Exhibit B).
  28. Similar to 1st psychological evaluation, in Petitioner’s re-evaluation, Exhibit N, Mrs. Archer ignored all the above mentioned evidence, showing unprofessional behavior and clear bias against Petitioner, and proceeded to try to engender continual patronage from Petitioner, at $1,800 dollars per psychological evaluation, recommending that Petitioner “should undergo re-evaluation in six months for purposes of assessing if his time-sharing should be expanded, or if a more permanent time-sharing agreement should be reached.”
  29. Without the required evidentiary hearing, psychologist’s hearsay evidence, provided by Mrs. Archer, was used to defame Petitioner as a “fanatic,” depriving Petitioner and his children of their constitutionally protected rights with catastrophic consequences to minor children.
  30. Instead of noting the abundant evidence that pointed to mother’s possible Bipolar Disorder with psychotic features, Mrs. Archer, to ensure this illegal patronage, alleged that Petitioner imagines conspiracies by stating in her 2nd  report that Petitioner “presents with schizotypal and/or schizoid features,” that his “preserverative thought processes and dogmatic behavior patterns would also explain his religious obsession, and his repeated and continued attempts to convince others that he has been falsely accused,” that he has “trouble forming emotional bonds with other people,” and that he lacked interest that “all four of his children develop a bond with one another” (Exhibit N).
  31. All these defamatory, cut-and-paste psychiatric-want-to-be statements contradicted fact and evidence.
  32. For instance, Petitioner had the highest scores of his class, scoring among the best family doctors in the nation, http://saynotopas.com/?attachment_id=44 (Exhibit O), and due to his emotional bonding with other doctors and patients was actually named “The Team Player” of his residency class at University of Miami/JMH Medical Residency in 2013, https://youtu.be/cIQNyR3lpvY (Exhibit P), and that in a poster prepared by his medical peers comments such as “so generous, great friend to have, caring, calm, spiritually optimistic, positive, caring were engraved for posterity to speak of Petitioner’s true character: http://saynotopas.com/?attachment_id=36 (Exhibit Q), which Mrs. Archer also conveniently ignored and failed to report.
  33. Mrs. Archer’s negative comments in 2nd re-evaluation were in clear retaliation for Petitioner reporting her to this department, where Petitioner detailed the catastrophic results of her unprofessional practices in the instant case, and in the well-known murder of Nubia Barahona, and the torture of her three siblings described in the “The Nubia Barahona Report” (Exhibit R).
  34. Petitioner believes that Mrs. Archer is either extremely incompetent, or she is part of a sophisticated form of racketeering where by definition “the potential problem may be caused by the same party that offers to solve it, although that fact may be concealed, with the specific intent to engender continual patronage for this party.”
  35. Petitioner believes that because Mrs. Archer was never disciplined for her incompetent practices in the case of Nubia Barahona, she continues to cause great harm to her patients, but most importantly to the children and families of this state.
  36. As it happened in Petitioner’s case, and was stated in Nubia’s case by the investigative panel in page 5 of The Nubia Report: “[Mrs. Archer] failed to consider critical information presented by the children’s principal and school professionals about potential signs of abuse and neglect by the Barahonas.  That omission made Dr. Archer’s report, at best, incomplete, and should have brought into serious question the reliability of her recommendations.”
  37. For additional information, please see complaint details described in Federal Lawsuit filed against Mrs. Archer and accomplices. Please note that Petitioner is no longer constrained by Section 61.122 of FS to file this complaint since Mrs. Archer was automatically removed from Petitioner’s family court case by being named a Defendant in the above mentioned Federal Lawsuit. Please, see copy of lawsuit already in your possession, Case No. 15-11861-CC. See also petition for writ of certiorari Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).
  38. Archer’s false claims and incompetence have led to catastrophic results for Petitioner’s minor children, most severely to Petitioner’s oldest son, as well as for the case of Nubia Barahona, and her three siblings.
  39. Petitioner, as an American Board Certified Family Physician, and a victim of Mrs. Archer’s unprofessional and unethical practices, believes that Mrs. Archer’s reckless, unethical and fraudulent practices are a disgrace to the mental health profession, and as proven by the Barahona Report and my case, Mrs. Archer poses a serious health hazard to the children and families of this state, and she must be stopped before any more children and families are harmed.

I would like to thank you in advance for your positive response in protecting the children and citizens of our beautiful state. May the Grace of God in Christ Jesus be always with you and your family, and with this most glorious nation, the U.S.A., one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


Mario A. Jiménez, M.D., B.S.E.E.
God willing, future Florida State Senator for District 40,

MIAMI (CBS4) – A panel member investigating the failings in DCF’s handling of the Barahona case said Thursday that the delays in getting a psychological evaluation of Nubia Barahona “appears inexcusable”…the report from psychologist Dr. Vanessa L. Archer should have had the reliability questioned because Archer didn’t consider information presented by Nubia’s principal or teacher…the judge, should have taken “steps to rectify that critical flaw in her report.”

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