Parent Loses Custody Of Children Just For Praying With Them


Summary Of Events: Parent Loses Custody Of Children Just For Praying With Them:

1- 10/02/2009:  A miracle saves Father from wrongfully being sent to prison by false accusation from Mother, who was having an affair, and had absconded with two young children in Nicaragua:  Security officer who provided video told Father not to worry for God was watching over him; that officer had seen Father praying every morning at a local chapel, and that officer used to sit behind him. Saint Michael Church in Managua, Nicaragua.

2- 05/04/2010: Order of Final Judgment on Divorce was entered in Nicaragua giving Father 50/50, equal shared custody of minor children. Order and recording of final judgment HERE.

3- 05/12/2010: Father writes letter to US Ambassador to Nicaragua requesting help for the safe return of US born minor children, who had been illegally taken by Mother.  Letter HERE.

4- 06/02/2011: US Embassy provides contact information of Estate Department official on information that Mother had possibly moved to her native country, Guatemala. E-mail to Estate Department HERE.

5- 06/2011: Father is contacted by ex’s lover warning that Mother was no longer in Nicaragua, but in the US, and provided possible location of minor children.  Audio HERE. Transcript of conversation HERE.

6- 08/23/2011: Judge Robert Scola grants pick up order to allow Father to take custody of minor children. Order HERE.

7- 10/06/2011: Judge Scola orders 50/50 time-sharing honoring Final Judgment entered in Nicaragua. Order HERE.

8- 08/2011 to 07/20/2012: Children excel physically, mentally, and academically under the care of Father. Student of the month certificate HERE.  Children’s reunification session report showing children adapting well to Father HERE.

9- 06/05/2012: Awaiting end of academic year, Mother made 4th False DCF accusation against Father, this time accusing Father of scaring children when praying with them. Children interviewed without notifying father or father’s attorney, providing false, and one-sided information to interviewer.  See interview HERE.

10- 07/20/2012: Telephonic emergency motion filed by Mother’s counsel, but never served:

11- 07/20/2012: Temporary Judge, Mindy Glazer, grants emergency order to suspend petitioner’s time sharing:

12- 08/01/2012: Final DCF report clears Father of false accusations:

13- 09/13/2012: Ex-parte letter from psychologist, Vanessa Archer, to new Judge, Pedro Echarte, requests that Father have no more telephone communication with children.  Letter HERE.

14- 10/11/2012: Archer considers Father too religious, and recommends supervised visitations:

15- 12/07/2012: Judge Echarte reads Archer’s report on a separate hearing for temporary child support, and attorney’s fees, and orders supervised visitations as recommended by completely biased Archer report.  Report HERE.

16- 10/18/2013: New Judge, Scott Bernstein, orders 2nd evaluation with Archer despite Father advising Judge that Archer could not perform an unbiased evaluation because Father had reported Archer’s unprofessional behavior to health department.  Judge orders continued supervised visitations: After some research, Father found out why Judge Bernstein was so out of touch with the great majority of families in America: here are some links about Judge Bernstein and his “husband” TV star David Young, sending a clear message to our children that it is perfectly “normal” for a man to marry another man, but that somehow it is wrong for parents of faith to pray with their own children:

17- 11/07/2013: 2nd Archer report continues biased and retaliatory opinions against Father.  Report HERE.

18- 02/23/2015: After long Father’s battle to remain active in children’s lives, Judge finds Father in contempt of court for no valid reason, and orders to pay attorney’s fees and costs.  Order HERE.

19- 02/27/2015: Father removes case to Federal court secondary to violations of his and his children’s civil rights:

20- 11/08/2016: Father decides to run for Florida State Senate to the defend the thousands of children and families in a similar situation as his.  See website, and

21- 01/24/2017: Father still not able to see his minor children freely because he prayed with them…

Our family courts are ran by criminals today:

These courts are literally destroying America from within by destroying the natural family, the foundation of any society. They are trafficking with our children. Enough is enough. By the power bestowed on us in Christ, we will shut down these centers of evil all over this nation.
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