Torm Howse helps parents fight DCF CPS Family court corruption


Torm Howse helps parents fight DCF CPS Family court corruption

I would like to provide my testimony in favor of Torm’s innocence from false allegations in the internet, and his true advocacy for parental’s rights. I first came across Torm Howse’s work in 2014 when searching for solutions to stop the financial bleeding my ex’s attorneys were inflicting on me. At first, I reluctantly believe what he wrote, but a few months later, I tested his theories and they worked like a charm. In my eyes, Torm Howse is a hero, a mighty warrior of the parents’ right movement, and because of this, he has been fiercely attacked by the enemies of our movement.

Here is what I prepared with Torm’s help: Federal Removal: Appeal: I only had to pay for filing fees. I did not pay one cent to Torm since I obtained all the required information from his website:

My friends, I believe that Torm is one of the most generous human beings I have seen in my life. But, he is not only a generous person, but a true legal genius. He thinks of stuff that leaves 99.9% of attorneys out there on the floor. My ex’s attorneys, for instance, don’t know what to do, and they are still scratching their head trying to understand what hit them.

Back in 2014, as I was praying to God in Jesus’ name on how to proceed with my case in anti-Family Court, a picture of a ferocious shark out of the water gasping for air came to my mind, and I realized that the best way to fight a ferocious shark is to move it to dry land, where it cannot move with the freedom of the deep waters. The same applies with the shark of the anti-Family courts. As I search how to do this, I came across this site: I later found out that this page was authored by Torm Howse. Torm Howse helped fight DCF/CPS Family court corruption, and his tips were right on point, accomplishing what he had promised it would do:,  In short this is what I did based on what I learned from Torm’s website.  To try to silence Torm’s message, enemies of DCF/Family reform have tried to destroy Torm’s name, but as Torm himself points, these are complete lies:

1. I found out my local federal court. Since I am in Miami, my federal court is United States District Court Southern District of Florida.
2. I filled out a Civil Cover Sheet I obtained from their site. Here is my filled version, where I am requesting a jury trial, and I make a $10,000,000.00 demand for all my losses, the pain and suffering, the irreparable
psychological damage that my children have had to endure at the hands of unscrupulous individuals in the state court, etc. The cost to file a removal case is $400.00, but if one is unable to pay this amount, there is a form one can fill to wave these fees and costs.
3. Using some free templatesand advice I found in the internet, I customized and filed a “Notice of Petition and Verified Petition For Warrrant of Removal.” Here is where I explained the specific federal violations committed in my case (see DOC and internet versions).
4. I also customized and filed a “Memorandum in Support of Petition For Removal” (see DOC and internet version).
5. I also filed a “Notice of Appearance” (see DOC version).  My removal was almost perfect, I just missed a copy of the initial pleading used to open the case in Family court, which I already submitted to complete the removal.
6. Lastly and most fulfilling of all, I filed a “Notice of Removal to United States District Court,” effectively removing the sharks from the dark and deep waters of anti-Family court into dry land, to the unfamiliar territory of federal courts, where justice awaits for them all (see DOC and internet versions).

See .DOC or .PDF versions of lawsuit.  Federal Rules of Evidence and Civil Procedure.

Mr. Torm Howse has been falsely attacked by the same people to undermine his DCF/Family court reform efforts. To this effect, Mr. Torm states:

” “Tami Pfeiffer” is actually nutcase Ray Lautenschlager also aka “Fred Dimora” (he can’t even make up “his” mind whether he is a man or a woman…).  He is long-time liar and troll lurking within the family rights movement, and trash-talks just about everyone and everything, including National Parents Organization, all of the Govabuse people, and you name it (every group and organization that he has been KICKED OUT OF for making trouble) – he is an ENEMY of family rights, and has been kicked out of so many things, for making so much trouble, you can’t even them hardly count them anymore.
I also, upon discovering his highly unethical behaviors and raw troublemaking attitude, and for actually working *directly* with the enemy (another big troll named Teri Stoddard who used to work for N.O.W. – one of THE biggest enemies of shared parenting over the years), had to finally boot him out of my very large United Civil Rights Councils of America, and so he has been falsely retaliating against me ever since, making up all sorts of lying trash, twisting about everything you could think of (because he really has no clue about what things actually happened here and there, but he doesn’t even care about that, of course – just in causing as much trouble as he can), and so I finally had to expose both Ray and that Teri to thousands of family rights advocates across the nation:
This freakazoid Ray is also in many clear violations of FB’s TOS, and so because he (“she”) just violated those TOS yet again, he (“she”) is being reported for that disallowed abuse on FB.
Notice that he trolls around under MULTIPLE personalities (he or “she” is a nutcase), but everyone can easily tell that it’s all the same person – the same geography (Akron Ohio, etc.), the same lists of friends, the same sports teams, the same “Likes” and so forth and so on.
“Ray Lautenschlager”
“Ray R. Lautenschlager”
“Fred Dimora”
“Tami Pfeiffer”
Even on another of “his” (her? lol) OWN Facebook pages, people comment AGAINST him for constantly bashing and trash-talking others:
“Ohio Family Rights”
I mean, this weirdo troll is SO evil and angry at the entire world (bashes everything and everyone), that serious considerations are presently underway for involuntary mental health commitment proceedings under Ohio state laws.
This “guy” Ray is an absolute nutcase, and since he has personally and falsely attacked me yet again, and has also illegally posted yet more lying trash about me on one of his pathetic websites, and since he has been previously too cowardly and unethical to simply provide me his address for legal process of service, I’ve gathered the “whois” address information behind his websites to file both civil and criminal charges against him now, and will be contacting his domain hosting services to shut down that illegal, false and defamatory trash, too.”

Torm Howse helps parents fight DCF CPS Family court corruption

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