The False Accusations


On June 6, 2012, DCF came to my house with another false DCF call alleging that my whole family, my parents, my brother, my new wife and I were mistreating our children. That afternoon, I called my children and prayed with them a prayer I had taught them and had posted on my refrigerator, and which I even use to teach Sunday school children with, The Spiritual Armor of God found in Ephesians 6. To my surprise, my ex-wife that same night called and had the police show up around midnight alleging that I was scaring her and my children by telling them that an evil spirit would come and kill them all, and that she was scared that I was the evil spirit that would come and killed them (see denied Domestic Violence petition). The accusation was so outlandishly foolish and laughable, especially in light of my ex’s history of prior false accusations, having absconded with my children in another country (see letter to ambassador to Nicaragua, and e-mail with State Department), and because my own son had denied this accusation in a legally obtained phone recording, that I thought that there was no way a Judge would even waste his/her time with it.  Unfortunately, I was completely wrong for I did not realize that I was dealing with the Miami-Dade Family Court system, and with some Judges that are flat out incompetent, and should have never been in Family Court in the first place.

Then, with at least 5 different false accusations with the Department of Children and Families (DCF), around the time the kids were to finish the school year, money-hungry ill-intentioned attorneys, Yvette B. Reyes, and Ana C. Morales, obtained illegal copies of a confidential Child Protection Team (CPT) report whose findings were later found to be completely inaccurate, and without properly notifying me to have the opportunity to have legal representation, filed a purported emergency motion to have my time-sharing suspended. (See also Suggestions To Improve DCF).

Despite the foolish accusation, that terrible day, July 20, 2012, a Judge, Mindy Glazer, violated my due process rights by conducting an emergency telephonic hearing without proper notice. The emergency hearing was based on the alleged DCF report, on the case that had not even been closed, so there was not any such report. In the unannounced telephonic hearing, I had no legal representation as direct result of this Judge trampling on the rule of law and making a mockery of the legal process. Here is some more information about her terrible performance: (

Since that time, by order of another Judge, Pedro Echarte, I have had only very limited supervised visitations with my kids, with the ultimate result that my son almost failed 4th grade, and his teachers were very concerned with his inappropriate behavior and very poor grades. To make matters worse, almost a year after our forced separation, I found out that my ex-wife’s attorneys were hiding the fact that my son had been diagnosed with Major Depression, and PTSD and was requiring SSRI medication for it.  No other traumatic event had happened since my children were alienated from me and my side of the family last July of 2012, and I only had very limited supervised visitations since then.  Before this separation, my son was a good student, but after my ex-wife attorneys’ collaborated to alienate my children from me, he developed these psychological conditions.  In hopes of getting some justice, I sent the following complaint to the FLORIDA JUDICIAL QUALIFICATIONS COMMISSION (FJQC) about the Judge assigned to my case after the telephonic emergency hearing, since judge Glazer was conveniently sitting in that day on an emergency basis for Judge Pedro Echarte), but they unbelievably found no fault with Judge Echarte’s actions. Here is the complaint I filed:

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