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Dear Attorney General Bondi, and Governor Scott,


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The Petition Reads:

I am writing to petition your intervention to investigate and protect the parental speech and religious freedoms of Floridians.

On July 20th, 2012, the two older children of a Christian father (please see details at were removed from his shared equal custody solely based on his religious right to pray with his minor children. A series of judicial anomalies allowed this terrible form of abuse, and I believe that the intervention of your office is well warranted because the actions perpetrated against this father’s religious and speech rights set a very dangerous precedent against Florida residents who could face losing this most basic rights if your office does not intervene on his and his children’s behalf, and does not step in to protect the speech and religious freedoms of Floridians. I believe that the legal ramifications set forth by this case pose a very dangerous legal precedent against Christians, Jewish, Muslims, and parents of all faiths, in violation of two of the most important rights in our nation, freedom of speech and religion, and as such, I am hereby petitioning your intervention in this case, and that your office performs an independent investigation of this or any other unfair practices in the 11th Circuit Family Court System, where these abuses took place.

At the same time, as established by ARTICLE V, Section 10, 3(b) of the Florida Constitution, I am also asking to file with the custodian of state records a petition to “initiate the local option for merit selection and retention or the election of county court judges, whichever is applicable” for the judges involved in this case, namely judges Mindy Glazer, Pedro Echarte, and Scott Bernstein. I would like to thank you in advance for your help on behalf of the Christian father’s minor children, and the protection of the speech and religious freedoms of Floridians. I am a registered voter of Florida and hereby make the above petitions.