Perls of Wisdom


As I was praying to God in Jesus’ name on how to proceed with my case in anti-Family Court, a picture of a ferocious shark out of the water gasping for air came to my mind, and I realized that the best way to fight a ferocious shark is to move it to dry land, where it can not move with the freedom of the deep waters. The same applies with the shark of the anti-Family courts. So, here is how I removed my case from anti-Family courts to federal courts, literally halting them in their tracks from any attacks they had against me and my children. The sharks are gasping for air. Let’s see how they fair now. This is how I did it:
1. I found out my local federal court. Since I am in Miami, my federal court is United States District Court Southern District of Florida.
2. I filled out a Civil Cover Sheet I obtained from their site. Here is my filled version, where I am requesting a jury trial, and I make a $10,000,000.00 demand for all my losses, the pain and suffering, the irreparable
psychological damage that my children have had to endure at the hands of unscrupulous individuals in the state court, etc. The cost to file a removal case is $400.00, but if one is unable to pay this amount, there is a form one can fill to wave these fees and costs.
3. Using some free templatesand advice I found in the internet, I customized and filed a “Notice of Petition and Verified Petition For Warrrant of Removal.” Here is where I explained the specific federal violations committed in my case (see DOC and internet versions).
4. I also customized and filed a “Memorandum in Support of Petition For Removal” (see DOC and internet version).
5. I also filed a “Notice of Appearance” (see DOC version). My removal was almost perfect, I just missed a copy of the initial pleading used to open the case in Family court, which I already submitted to complete the removal.
6. Lastly and most fulfilling of all, I filed a “Notice of Removal to United States District Court,” effectively removing the sharks from the dark and deep waters of anti-Family court into dry land, to the unfamiliar territory of federal courts, where justice awaits for them all (see DOC and internet versions).

Did your chief judge ignored Florida Chief Justice administrative order No. AOSC14-66? Mine did, so she is in contempt of court.

See original letter sent to 11th Circuit Chief Judge, Bertila Soto, here:
Her reply, I believe,,  amounts to Contempt of Court of Administrative Order No. AOSC14-66 issued by Florida Chief Justice, Jorge Labarga.  I am planning to file a motion for Contempt of Court before the Florida Supreme Court, and anyone who has received a similar response from their circuit chief judge should consider doing the same. We need to make these judges accountable for their actions or lack thereof. This is the only way they will start to pay attention to We, The People.


Dr. Mario Jimenez Jerez.

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