How Can You Stop Parental Alienation?

Stop Trying To Rationalize
One common method on how to stop parental alienation is to reason with the child, with the alienating parent or both. However, this method is usually ineffective. Why? Rationalizing with the child or the alienating parent will only force the other parent to try harder and will most likely result to confrontations, making the situation worse than it already is. You might become so frustrated with your child’s indifference that you will lose your temper. When you lose your temper, there is a bigger possibility that the alienating parent will seek court orders and accuse you of child abuse.

Remain Calm
Keeping one’s calm is one of the most important tips on how to stop parental alienation. Try your best to keep a level head and stay in control even if you are about to explode or when you feel you have been wronged.

Be Present
Disappearing may be the easiest route to take when a child is so difficult to get through to. However, it is very essential that you remain by your child’s side even if your child refuses you. Be present and follow the visitation schedule to a T.

Continue Being A Parent
Another way how to stop parental alienation is to keep being a parent to the child. Be consistent and affectionate. Make sure you are firm in your expectations of your child. Do not give in or overlook your child’s inappropriate behaviour just because you feel pressured.

Bond With Your Child
Focus on having fun with your child instead of talking about the situation or convincing your child to change his mind. Read books and play together. Look at family photo albums or reminisce the good times. Eat at your child’s favorite restaurant. Do things you both enjoyed doing together to help your child remember the memories the two of you have made. Most importantly, let your child know you love him/her very much.

Do Not Say Anything Negative About The Alienating Parent
You may be angry with the alienating parent, but never say anything bad about the other parent especially when your child is around. Continue treating the alienating parent with respect or at least be civil even if you are provoked. This is an effective way to show to your child that you do not wish your child and the other parent harm.

Avoid Blaming Your Child
It is okay to reprimand your child’s bad behavior but never blame your child for what is happening. Keep in mind that it is not your child’s fault. The problem is between you and the alienating parent. Keep the issue between you and the other parent. Your child is the worst victim of parental alienation and is most likely to incur long-term emotional damage.

Do Not Be Intimidated
Do not feel frightened with the alienating parent. This limits the power the alienating parent has. When you show you are intimidated with the alienating parent, the more the parent is stimulated to bully and terrorize you.

Stop Negotiating
In addition, do not negotiate with the alienating parent. Alienating parents are not interested in any form of settlement since they will not consider any compromises.

Find Therapy For Your Child
You can also seek therapy for your child to stop parental alienation. Getting expert help is a very effective method to help your child gain support during this trying time.

Parental alienation is a terrible and hurting experience for any parent. It gives no guarantee that your efforts will be successful but you should never give up in making your child feel loved.

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