Betrayed By Your Own


After being almost forced into bankruptcy by the family courts, I realized that even supposedly “Christian” attorneys in this field might betray you and their beliefs to the god of money, mammon.

After judge Pedro Echarte had inappropriately read Vanessa Archer’s report, the psychologist involved in the death of Nubia Barahona, the torture of her brother, her step siblings and the psychological demise of my son almost a year after our separation, without giving me even a chance for an evidentiary hearing, one of my first attorneys literally lied to me to get me to agree to pay for my ex’s attorneys, and later told me that she had accepted a job associated with my ex, so she could not longer represent me.  See:,,

Then, a second attorney, Denise M. Scanziani, after I finished paying her $12,000 as part of our retainer agreement, came back with a $21,000 bill violating our written and verbal agreement to keep me posted of my expenses on a monthly basis and let me know when funds were running out. We had agreed, as it is common practice, that she would let me know when the retainer agreement money was running out, but she never did. Then, last year she asked the judge in the family court to put a lien on my house, which she obtained. That, not being enough, she just recently filed on Nov. 22, 2014, a civil lawsuit to recover the same amount of money she had asked in the lien. Here is my  answer to her lawsuit: ANSWER AND AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSES. Just recently, on 1/16/15, she filed a motion for Summary Judgement trying to circumvent my right to have my case decided by a jury, for she knows how easy it is to have a judge violate my constitutional rights and rule in her favor despite all evidence to the contrary. Here is my response: VERIFIED MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION TO MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT. Latest on the case: Notice of lack of prosecution by Judge Lawrence D. King on June 9, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. at South Dade Courtroom 2-7, 10710 S.W. 211th Street, Miami, Fl 33189.

This is a clear example of what’s wrong with our Family Courts today, and another reason for uniting to defend our children and families against enemies without and within.